what is it?

dWall is a NEW concept of 3.0 art. You are not collecting a piece of digital art in the form of an nft, where a single or a restricted group of artists expresses their creativity. Holding a dWall NFT (dAxel) means your creativity contribute to an unique picture drawn by thousands of users! .. that's what we call Dynamic, or better FLUID digital art.


It's NOT only an NFT, a picture or a community. We said our project is ambitious... why? Because it sums up all the real "casual" art, in a virtual painting .. and it will itself be a piece of dynamic art!

The origins of “love locking” practice are unknown, it rapidly gained global momentum after emerging in 2020. Basically, it is the seal of an agreement.

Love Locks

An analogic version of digital pixelated art. We term it bored art because its origins are in monotonous and stressful offices, where creativity suddenly exploded.

Post-it Art

Did you ever see signs, walls, fences covered with stickers that carried advertisements, love messages, or something that made you smile? They may promote a political agenda, comment on a policy or issue, spread an idea .

Stickers slapping

Yes, there are art forms that are deemed art only after popular consent. Some of them don't know that, but they're still art.

Gum Wall

Graffiti art dates back to the chlorofluorocarbures era. It has been hated for years because of its uncontrolled expansion, but with its history and ideals, it tooks the first place in the urban street art; over time it has turned to eco-friendly.

Graffiti art

Mosaics are the oldest art form. Their meanings, materials, and supports have evolved over time. We call it the "Father of Concepts" because every concept is enclosed in a tile, and all the tiles combined produce the result.


Although it is the opposite of what we thought, it confirms the rule! A̴r̴t̴i̴s̴t̴s̴ ̴a̴r̴r̴a̴n̴g̴e̴ ̴p̴e̴o̴p̴l̴e̴ ̴i̴n̴ ̴a̴c̴c̴o̴r̴d̴a̴n̴c̴e̴ ̴w̴i̴t̴h̴ ̴t̴h̴e̴i̴r̴ ̴a̴r̴t̴.̴ ̴ People arrange themselves for art!

Humans compositions

Wikipedia and ART? There is no better example. The path to art is knowledge derived from the union of minds. The largest brains pool that is grouped together for one purpose.

Brains mosaics

What is collective art? Making something unique together! Wouldn't the blockchain be a shared artform? Isn't it unic? Why not!

Blockchain art

Ascii art is the oldest form of digital art. At its beginnings, it appeared in desktop chats messages and evolved into complex designs. later it devolved back on mobile devices via sms texting.



The Wall consists of 5184 NFTs. Every NFT is referred to as a "dAxel", which stands for Digitalized Art Pixel. Each dAxel corresponds to a 20x20px square on a real screen of 1920x1080 FullHD Resolution (..for now, see the roadmap for more infos!). Based on their onscreen position, they are grouped into four rarity indexes: Diamond dots, Golden square, Silver frame, and Bronze corners.


Total NFTs



Draw phases

The project will consist of 4 phases, each of which will be open until sold out. Because of the nature of the project, any NFT can't be left behind. A successful draw will be created by combining all the available spaces. So no burns are planned.

Phase 0: Whitelisting artists 800 Free NFTs
Phase 1:  sketch 20% of the supply, 1037 NFTs
Phase 2: Draft sale 50% of the supply, 2532 NFTs
Phase 3: Final brushstrokes 30% of the supply, 1555 NFTs


The DeFi is full of phishing and scammers project. We wants you trust in Us, and in our intentions. In some cases interacting with a smartcontract on a decentralyzed web3 is dangerous; that's because the smartcontract you interact with, contains malicius code who empty your wallet. Our smartcontracts sourcecode is PUBLIC, and verified on polygonscan, so anyone can see what happens when interacts with the dWall smartcontract.

Submitted and verified on polygonscan

Check yourself what happens HERE

Mints directly from smartcontract

The minting process is immediate, an nft will be sent to you immediately after purchase.

Immediate Opensea Listing

Your nft will be immediately visible on Opensea's marketplace


Due to ambitious project, any step will be accomplished as the wall fills up. In the case in which more targets are reached together, it is required to wait the necessary time for the development of both. During the roadmap there will be giveaways and contests on the wall. We won't reveal any more about this :D The roadmap includes only main steps. It will be implemented walktrought with events, contests, and special things we've though. Get updated on our socials!

Whitelisting artists

Free drop

A free Drop is planned. It consists on an unique NFT in 800 copies, who gives you access to the presale. It is not a dAxel but is FULLY TRADABLE, and we suggest to hold because... maybe it will have some value! ;) The max allowed NFTS for this phase is 1 per wallet, and you will be able to mint once entered in our discord server, by the web3 app we will provide.

  • 1 per wallet
  • 800 Whitelist NFTs

Presale sketch

PHASE 1: Reserved for Whitelist NFT holders

Reserved price for early brave users !

All the preallocated NFTs can be bought until soldout. If there will be no a soldout, will be open a "public presale":

PHASE 1: Public Presale (eventually)

Applies if there is no soldout in the Whitelist limited presale event with an increased, always competitive price

Phase1 end: 1037 NFTs, 20% of total supply

Draft stage

PHASE 2: Public sale

This phase represents the 50% of the supply, 2532 NFTs. Meanwhile other improvements will be added to the wall.

Site launch: dWall will go LIVE!

Subsequential to phase 2 opening

Polygon, ETH Layer2 : A new epoch is started.

  • dAxels holders will draw the wall and the magic will start! You'll be able to draw pixel by pixel, or pixelize an image to 20x20 area size (for now). The website will create static images or dynamic videos of the changes. They will be offered in a future for auction as an ORIGINAL dWall Collective Art NFT. The 90% of the revenues will be redistributed to the dAxels owners. It will also log all the changes made to the wall for future improvements.


when: 60 % of phase 2 supply, 1518 NFTs

As a matter of course, we will develop a frontend for the marketplace (already implemented in the contract). The marketplace is necessary because will display the locations of the dAxels for sale on an interactive map, plus it will save you the 2.5% opensea fees. It will also act like an escrow for private transactions. You can start expanding your creativity on the wall this way.

Phase2 end: 70% of total supply, 2532 NFTs

Final brushstrokes


The price is increasing (a bit) for two factors:
a) We think increasing the mint price could save your investment.

B)see above ;)

Expand your mind

Subsequential to phase 3 opening

Yes, you'll have now a 200X200px space for each dAxel you hold;


When: 50% of phase 3 supply, 777 NFTs

The wall will be equipped with a storyboard which will show all operations made on it (purchases, bids, listings, modifications, likes, comments).

Phase3 end: 100% of total supply, 1555 NFTs


G. Gargiulo

Ceo & Founder

The idea, the way how to achieve it, future plans and all the technical things related have taken you don't know how much time! But like surfing.. A pencil of wind on a paper of waves, and i'll draw my world!

G. Gargiulo


Not my vocation but i tried to do my best! The NFT Graphic is the last part of this project, but NO PANIC it will make its dirty work. The really starts of the project is its "apparent" end!! Yes, i think that a PhD in Public Healt & Preventive Medicine is the worst study title for an artist.. and that's why i need YOU, the artists!

G. Gargiulo


Yes, some basic skills achieved in 20 nerd years, like programming in php, nodejs, html, solidity, python.. 3D printing and modelling also, hardware repairs, small networks managment and IoT devices programming with ESP modules. Since i can no longer operate alone cause an imminent community :D , if you have enhanced skills in nodejs, html, databases & web3.js and are interested in the project, DM me on Discord.


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